$Grin NFT airdrop & NFT/ETH exchange contract

Welcome to the curious world of $GRIN notes, the ClownPunk's parody memecoin that's no joke! Issued in a limited edition of 100 x $GRIN note NFTs, these stunning digital notes are more than just eye candy – they're your ticket to a carnival of exclusive perks. Here's what being a $GRIN holder means:

Raffle Extravaganza: Hold onto your red noses! Every $GRIN note holder is automatically entered into a raffle. A lucky 20% will be airdropped additional CPX artworks at the close of the CPX drop. It's like finding a golden ticket in your wallet!

Front of the Line Pass: As a $GRIN holder, you'll be catapulted to the front of the queue for all future ClownPunkX drops. That's right, you get VIP access to our upcoming AI art extravaganzas!

Exclusive Merch Deals: Get ready to strut in style! ClownPunkX is creating phygital NFTs based on the iconic outfits you’ve seen in the ClownPunk’s adventures on X. $GRIN holders get first dibs and a snazzy discount. Dress like a clown, feel like a king!

ETH EXCHANGE OPPORTUNITY: If the circus life's too wild you can always exchange your $GRIN NFT for 0.01 ETH through our audited ClownPunkX NFT Exchange contract. Ready to exchange? Follow this link to connect your wallet: 

Step 1: Approve the transfer of your $GRIN NFT
Step 2: Approve $GRIN Exchange for 0.01 ETH to your wallet

Please note any unclaimed ETH will be withdrawn from the contract on 14/1/27. Contract address: 0x2F9b1E4d34fFA65CC80E59758EB930735Ab3573b

Step right up and immerse yourself in the dazzling realm of ClownPunkX – where art, utility, and a touch of clownish charm collide! 

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