ClownPunkX is the progeny of @Punk4569 and Stable Diffusion AI - a twisted coupling between a meatspace presence and a code based intelligence.  

Inspired by Punk #4569 and the rise of image-generating AI, the collection pays tribute to the disruptive spirit of CryptoPunks and AI.​​​​​​​ 

The CPX collection listing is live:
Check X (Twitter) for latest updates.

15 months of creative development beginning 10/22
Generation of 10,000 images with Stable diffusion 1.5
Edited to create 250 works in CPX Collection
Upscaled to 3072 x 3072 pixels with Topaz Gigapixel AI
Resampling of select images using Stable Diffusion SDLX Beta and SDLX v1.0
Post-production in Photoshop using AI tools including generative fill, remove and neural filters​​​​​​​
Performance campaign on X (Twitter) using Chat GPT-4 (text), Eleven Labs (audio), (music), DALL-E3 (images) and Stable Diffusion SDLX v1.0 (images)

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